EENA Members: Call for Abstracts for EENA Conference 2023

The EENA team is already preparing the next EENA Conference, which will take place on 19-21 April in Ljubljana. A benefit of being an EENA member is the opportunity to be part of the programme and share expertise on a specific topic, be it in a presentation or as panellist in a debate. For the EENA Conference 2023, we are looking for speakers on the following topics:

  • ‘Satellite-based solutions for emergency service’
  • ‘Crowd Management: how to avoid a debacle?’
  • ‘Interactive Voice Response (IVR): does it work for PSAPs?’
  • ‘Diversification of Public Warning channels’
  • ‘Hiring call-takers’
  • ‘Conveyance of emergency communications to PSAPs via Third Party Service Providers (TPSPs)’
  • ‘Is the cloud THE solution for cybersecurity in PSAPs?’
  • ‘Electric Vehicles: new challenges for emergency services, and new opportunities’
  • ‘Sorry companies, we made our own software’
  • ‘Defining call-takers question tree’
  • ‘AED Mapping’

Please note that:

  • Presentations are only open to EENA members.
  • Only abstracts submitted in English will be considered.
  • For companies, there is a speaking fee.
  • You may submit as many abstracts as you like across the above categories.
  • Only successful applicants will be contacted by EENA, by 2nd December at the latest.

For more information on each category, and to submit your abstract, use the form here by 14 October.

#EENA2022 – Conference materials available NOW!

You will certainly be happy to know that the materials of the latest EENA Conference are available as of today on the event website, so make sure to visit it and (re)live the EENA experience.

Until we meet again at our next edition in Ljubljana (19-21 April 2023), let’s continue being inspired by the sharing of knowledge through the presentations on Dropbox, or also via the sessions’ recording, and remember all the good moments looking at the photo gallery!

Also, feel free to keep discussing with our exhibitors and sponsors to know more about their solutions and how they can best serve your needs. With one click, discover their areas of expertise and contact them!

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#EENA2022: Thank you message

Thank you for joining us at the EENA Conference & Exhibition 2022!

Meeting people in real life and sharing experiences in public safety has never been so special in such particular times. That’s why we are so grateful and proud to have been able to gather so many participants! We hope that you found the event’s programme, exhibition, and networking activities valuable and that you enjoyed your stay in sunny Marseille.

We will meet each other again soon but, until then, remember:

Conference materials

The conference materials, including the presentations, photos, videos and more, will be available from 31 MAY on our website, so make sure to visit and (re)live the EENA experience.

Satisfaction survey

What did you like the most at the EENA Conference & Exhibition 2022? In your opinion, did the event meet its objectives? If not, what would you change? We are constantly trying to improve our event, so we would be grateful if you spent a few minutes to complete our satisfaction survey and let us know what you think.

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Get in touch with #EENA2022 exhibitors, 1 month to go!

One month left to experience the latest innovative solutions in public safety!

Discover and get in touch with the #EENA2022 exhibitors

Only 4 weeks left until international public safety professionals reunite for 3 days of eagerly-awaited networking and learning at the EENA Conference & Exhibition 2022. No need to tell you that final preparations are in full swing!

We have already introduced you to our forward-thinking Conference programme with over 100 expert led–presentations in public safety but did you know that you can also discover the latest cutting-edge technology solutions in our exhibition? In a rapidly changing sector, #EENA2022 is the ideal setting to discuss live with suppliers challenges and potential solutions, expanding your knowledge, and thus saving hours of research.

Don’t waste any more time and get to know our EENA 2022 exhibitor list, including our Diamond sponsor, Intersec, as well as our two Platinum sponsors, Beta 80 and Huawei.

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Handling a crisis at #EENA2022

How to overcome an emergency situation and prevent future threats

One of the featured topics in public safety to be explored at the EENA Conference 2022 (27-29 April, Marseille).

Throughout #EENA2022 Conference (27-29 April 2022), we will host various sessions that will allow you to understand, cope and handle a crisis and prevent or mitigate future risks. 


Emergency response to the 2020 Beirut Explosion

On 4 August 2020, an explosion of an unprecedented magnitude hit the port of Beirut and its surroundings, causing 218 deaths, over 7000 injuries and important material damages in the city. Hospitals, which were themselves severely damaged, saw a quick influx of victims to treat urgently. In this keynote presentation, we will hear how the extraordinary emergency medical response to this crisis was set up.

Public perception of crisis communications

As a neuroscientist, Albert Moukheiber has been studying how our brains react to different types of messages. Why are we so susceptible to fake news? Why don’t we all prepare ourselves to face a disaster even when science and authoritative communication tells us to do so? Himself a former volunteer at the Lebanese Red Cross, Albert will be sharing with us his learnings.

Lessons learnt from the 2021 Floods in Belgium

In summer 2021, Belgium and several countries in Europe suffered dramatic floods.
Join us to hear about Catherine Delcourt’s experience in managing the crisis in the Province of Liège (Belgium).


Strengthening the engagement of civil society in transforming disaster management

Our society is increasingly exposed to complex risks, emerging threats and multidimensional hazards. Therefore, it is essential to enable communities to increase their resilience and empower them to build back smarter. This session brings together a cluster of European projects working towards a common objective: stronger, safer communities and increased resilience of all.

Considerations related to the war in Ukraine

In this session, we will explore disinformation tactics and their impact on emergency services.

We will also share a report on the humanitarian operation carried out by the “Pompiers de la Paix” (Peace Firefighters).


Preventing forest fires

Every summer, emergency services are confronted to an increasingly high risk of forest fires. During this session, speakers will discuss how to prevent and mitigate this risk.

A special thank you to our sponsors for their continued support!

Let’s TECH about it #EENA2022

Harnessing technology to enhance emergency response

One of the featured topics in public safety to be explored at the EENA Conference 2022 (27-29 April, Marseille).

Throughout #EENA2022 Conference (27-29 April 2022), we will host various sessions that will allow you to understand the benefits technology can bring to emergency services and identify what technological progress is being made in the industry.


NG-112 Deployment

The rollout of Next-Generation 112 continues apace in Europe and North America with implementation projects already completed or well advanced. In this session, an update on progress will be provided by representatives of three countries at the cutting edge of next generation implementation. They will share their experiences, challenges faced and benefits realised.

AED Mapping

It has been demonstrated multiple times that an early defibrillation significantly improves the chances of survival of an out-of-hospital cardiac arrest. In this session, you’ll hear how public authorities have developed digital registries of defibrillators to help locate the nearest defibrillators as quickly as possible.

Using data to anticipate, predict and respond to emergencies

From connected objects to artificial intelligence, data has become increasingly present in today’s economy and societies. In this session, speakers will present how emergency services could make use of these data to better organise their work.


Vertical & Indoor Location

Thanks to Advanced Mobile Location (AML), emergency services can now quickly obtain the accurate location of a caller. However, locating someone inside a building or determining the vertical position of the caller can still be problematic. In this session, the speakers will present different technologies to obtain vertical and indoor location.

Emergency control rooms design

Workspace design, technology integration, ergonomics are often disregarded while it definitely has an important impact on the call-taking process and on staff well-being. Join this session to hear about concrete examples.

Video communication to PSAPs – a human perspective

With new information and communication technologies, there is a growing demand to make it possible for citizens to contact emergency services by video. But allowing video communication with PSAPs comes with many challenges, both for the caller and the call-taker. In this presentation, the speakers will focus on the human experience in the video communication with PSAPs.


Industry sessions – Track 3
All industry sessions are focused on technological solutions available on the market!

A special thank you to our sponsors for their continued support!

Let’s get operational #EENA2022

How to better measure and improve your PSAP performance & take care of your staff.

One of the featured topics in public safety to be explored at the EENA Conference 2022 (27-29 April, Marseille).

On day 2 of #EENA2022 Conference (28 April 2022), we will host various sessions that will allow you to understand how other PSAPs work from an operational point of view and what can be done to help reduce risk and improve PSAP effectiveness.


Emergency Control Rooms Design

Workspace design, technology integration and ergonomics are often disregarded despite the fact that they definitely have an important impact on the call-taking process and on staff well-being. Join this session to hear about concrete examples.

Budget & tenders

Public safety is priceless, but it comes at a cost. In this session, we’ll explore how public safety organisations can best deal with financial changes, tenders and administrative processes.

Ensuring continuity of emergency communications

With recent outages of emergency numbers and growing concerns related to cyberattacks, ensuring continuity of service of emergency numbers is at the top of many public authorities’ agenda.

Preventing violence against emergency services

While emergency services dedicate their lives to keeping other people safe, we must think about protecting the protectors. What steps are being taken to reduce the violence towards emergency services?

Quality Assurance

How to make sure your PSAP provides services of high quality to people that need it most? In this session, you will learn how some PSAPs have set specific requirements, processes and procedures allowing them to measure and improve their performance.

Mental health of call-takers

In their work, emergency call-takers are sometimes faced with handling very difficult situations. Hence, providing mental health support to PSAPs staff is of paramount importance and presenters in this session will discuss the best ways to do so.

EENA Conference & Exhibition 2022: Programme is out!


Our provisional programme is now online and registrations are open as of today for the EENA Conference & Exhibition 2022, taking place in Marseille, France from 27 to 29 April.


We promise: #EENA2022 will leave you inspired! A forward-thinking conference programme with over 100 expert-led presentations is under preparation, representing the very best of the public safety sector!

In a fast-evolving context, we couldn’t be more excited to bring you such insightful sessions. We would like to thank the valuable contribution of our community who submitted about 100 presentation proposals and helped us build the best programme yet! From cutting-edge tech to stories that moved the world, we are excited to offer all the takeaways that public safety professionals need to improve emergency response and shape a safer society.

And of course, we wouldn’t leave out the latest trends and hot topics in the emergency services field, notably…

We are working closely with the venue and local authorities to ensure the safety and comfort of all our participants. Check our website regularly, particularly a few weeks ahead of the event, to have an overview of the safety measures in place.

Looking forward to seeing you all in Marseille!

EENA Conference & Exhibition 2022 – Save the date!


The time has come to mark your calendar for the EENA Conference & Exhibition 2022! Next spring, we will be delighted to welcome you in person from 27 to 29 April in Marseille, France!

Be inspired by our programme

From insightful sessions delivered by 100+ leading international experts in the field of emergency services to networking with top public safety professionals from all over Europe and beyond. #EENA2022 will make you part of the future of emergency response and together we will continue to build a safer world!

Curious to know more? Get a sneak peek of what you can expect at our 3-day annual event with our draft programme overview, and stay tuned for updates.

We can’t wait to see you again in person in Marseille!

112 Awards 2022


The 112 Awards Ceremony rewards outstanding individuals and organisations mainly engaged in improving public safety across Europe.

The 112 Awards Ceremony celebrates modern-day heroes. From incredible rescues and inspirational acts by citizens and emergency services, to public safety innovations and the use of technology for good, we reward those going beyond the expected to help people in danger. We would like to congratulate all of this year’s awardees and thank them for inspiring all of us ! Below you can read all of their stories…