Why Join the EENA Conference & Exhibition?

If you’re new to the EENA Conference & Exhibition, you may be wondering what makes our event so unique. We’re here to explain!

Why join us and 100+ speakers, 35+ exhibitors, and 800+ participants from 50+ countries? Here are 5 (of many!) reasons to join the EENA Conference & Exhibition!

The latest updates in the sector

The public safety field can move at breakneck speed – from rapidly changing EU legislation to emerging challenges and opportunities, there is always something new to consider. The diverse and tailored selection of presentations and panels will provide you with experts and real-life examples of solutions from around the globe. Whether you want to know exactly how new EU legislation on emergency communications will impact you, the impact of 2G/3G shutdown on emergency services or how the great resignation is affecting the industry – we’ve got you covered.

Our innovative exhibition 

In between our panels and sessions, visit our exhibition: the best way to engage with attendees looking for innovative solutions in critical areas of emergency services. Whether you’re looking for tailored solutions to your specific problems or you offer the perfect problem-solving technology, there is something sure to pique your interest. Good news – sponsorship registrations have already launched, so act fast to secure your preferred booth!

Connect and network with peers, providers, and customers

As well as having the opportunity to discuss products directly in our exhibition, the EENA Conference & Exhibition is well known for our fantastic social events and ample down-time for informal discussions. Share experiences with emergency services colleagues who face similar challenges with you, meet up with leading industry providers, and speak with thought leaders in the sector – all in an informal and friendly atmosphere. It’s all about the people: that’s why EENA connections can last a lifetime.

Hear it straight from the source

The EENA Conference & Exhibition is unparalleled for our balance of both emergency service organisation and solution provider perspectives. We consider every angle and perspective, from that of the end user right to the call-taker. Our sessions and panels will bring you perspectives you may not have previously heard from. Emergency service organisations can find out about problems from peers and how to mitigate them before it happens, or alternatively, discover a brand-new solution to an existing problem. Solutions providers could discover a problem they didn’t know existed – but have a fantastic solution for!

Be a part of the solution

Above all, the EENA Conference aspires to drive change. The event is a space for the main challenges of emergency services to be tackled and the most promising opportunities to be debated. Attendees will have the chance to join hundreds of colleagues and share views on what the issues, as well as the possible solutions, are. After three days of learning; debating, connecting and networking, we hope attendees will return home with fresh ideas, even more knowledge and a renewed motivation for their work and mission.

Convinced? Join us! Save the date here.

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