False Calls and Handset Design at EENA 2024

Join us for a crucial session on the innovative design and rigorous testing of devices and applications designed to trigger emergency communications automatically. This discussion is particularly timely, considering the surge in false emergency calls experienced by Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) worldwide in 2023, a challenge that exemplified the unintended consequences of certain device features.

  • Understanding the False Calls Phenomenon: We will start with an overview of the 2023 incident where PSAPs faced a flood of false emergency calls due to the implementation of a handset feature intended to automate emergency calls. The session will highlight the substantial impact these false calls had on emergency services’ resources, as well as explain how the issue was discovered and the combined efforts through EENA to resolve it.
  • Panel Discussion on Design and Regulation: Following the recap, a panel of experts will delve into the essential aspects of designing and regulating devices that can automatically initiate emergency communications. The focus will be on the importance of adopting a user-centered design philosophy, establishing rigorous testing protocols, and devising thoughtful feature rollout strategies. This conversation aims to address how technology developers can prevent such incidents in the future by prioritising the safety and efficiency of emergency response systems.

This session promises to be an enlightening exploration of the intersection between technology and emergency communications, emphasizing the need for careful design, thorough testing, and strategic implementation to enhance public safety without overburdening emergency services.

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