Accessibility and Real-Time Text at EENA 2024

Limited communications options can leave persons with disabilities in particularly dangerous situations in times of emergency. The EENA 2024 Conference & Exhibition will explore everything you need to know about the current state of accessibility in emergency communications, as well as efforts to deploy Real-Time Text (RTT) as per European legislative requirements. Sessions featuring accessibility and RTT include:

  • Native RTT: Lessons Learnt from the First End-to-End Native RTT Deployment in the World: The European Accessibility Act demands that Member States deploy Real-Time Text (RTT) by 2025. Join this session to hear from the first Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) organisation in the US (and probably in the world!) that has received native-RTT from mainstream end-users’ devices, over Session Initiation Protocol  (SIP) and with the active collaboration of Mobile Network Operators (MNOs).
  • Real-Time Text Industry Sessions: Our industry sessions on RTT will showcase RTT solutions available on the market.
  • Accessibility in 112: Where Are We and Where Are We Going? This session, which will be featured in our Spanish language track (Spanish speaking; English subtitles), will discuss the current situation regarding accessibility and what we can expect in the near future.

Join us at EENA 2024 to gain a better understanding of the requirements – and opportunities – that increased accessibility presents; and how to navigate through European legislation in order to provide the most inclusive emergency response.

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