Last updated: 16/02/2022



Yes. All speakers are obliged to register. Registrations are now open.

  • entrance to the Conference sessions and exhibition for three days;
  • entrance to the 112 Awards Ceremony on 27 April;
  • coffee breaks organised during three days of the event and pre-Awards cocktail reception on 27 April.

You will receive a name badge by email one week prior to the event. You will have to print the badge in color and present it at the entry to the conference venue to obtain the delegate bag (containing a plastic holder for your badge, a lanyard, conference booklet, quick anti-gen test, etc). In case you will not be able to print your badge in advance, the printers will be available at the registration desks.

At this moment, following the current rules of local authorities, scanning the European Covid-19 certificates at the registration is NOT obligatory. Please see the current warning notice on admission to EENA2022*:

“The safety of our community is our top priority, therefore, in line with the sanitary situation in France in April 2022, we will put in place a number of protective and preventive measures to ensure the event will be held in accordance with directives and measures set by local French authorities.

As per the current set of rules set by the French Authorities, as of 14 March, participants will no longer be obliged to present a European Covid Certificate to enter the event. “

Please check this webpage for regular updates:

*subject to change

Yes, as each year, one of the on-site registrations desks will be only reserved for speakers, exhibitors, and media partners of the conference. Feel free to address any questions or issues you might have, the hostesses will be happy to assist you.

Accomodation and Travel Arrangements

Further information on traveling set of rules in place as of 21 March:

The conference will be held at the Palais de Congres at Marseille Exhibition and Convention Centre, France.

(114 Rdpt du Prado, 13008 Marseille, France)

More info about the venue here.

EENA  guaranteed the best affordable rates in numerous three and four-star hotels, located max 25 minutes by public transport from the conference venue. Their overview with detailed information about negotiated cancellation and payment policies is available in the document here.

List of hotels and instructions on how to book your accommodation here.

In such uncertain times, EENA partnered up with BTS Corporate – Travel Agency to provide the most secure and most reassuring services to facilitate the travel arrangements of the conference attendees.

For more information about travel bookings and the benefits of booking the flights with BTS Travel Agency, click here.

All the information about different means of transport from the airport to the city center of Marseille here.

Presentation Format and AV specifications

All the conference rooms will support MS PowerPoint ONLY (NO PDFs). Please ensure that your presentation is converted to PPT or  PPTX format. High definition (HD) projectors will be used for all EENA sessions. Please apply widescreen formatting when preparing your slides (aspect ratio 16:9; resolution 1920*1080).

Your presentation should be prepared in MS PowerPoint  2016, 2019 or 365. Please note that earlier PowerPoint versions do not support video integration and can only play videos from hyperlinks. Thus if you use MS PowerPoint 2003, 2007, 2010 versions with the video hyperlink, it is crucial you have the video file saved separately or provided to the session reviewers before the official start of the session.

If the version of your presentation supports embedded videos, then it can be automatically displayed from your slide.

The preferred page setup is landscape orientation with high-contrast lettering and readable fonts (minimum font size = 24).

Allocated time slots and recommended number of slides are explained in the distributed speakers’ guidelines. Please refer to those documents for any additional questions you might have about the running of your session and for further information do not hesitate to contact your session leader.

All the session leaders (also presented as reviewers of the presentations) will be distributing speakers’ guidelines starting as of February 2022. Please contact Kasia Koc, EENA Events Manager at if by the end of March you still did not receive any guidelines from your session leader.

If your presentation is in the 4:3 format please note that it will have black stripes on the left and right of the room screen.

Transforming a 4:3 presentation can be done by changing the Slide Size from 4:3 to 16:9. This function can be found under the “Design” menu. Be careful when you do this and double check every slide carefully as the layout of your slides and pictures may have changed. Adjust them accordingly so they look perfect in 16:9 format.

First, save the graphics or spreadsheets (Excel) used in your presentation on your USB-stick. (In case of problems we can re-insert the original graphics or spreadsheets). Second, it is also a good idea to save your graphics as a picture to avoid having your numbers being changed automatically by Powerpoint from using , as decimal point to . or vice versa.

Pictures: Do NOT save the picture as BMP or TIFF (size is too big). Images with .gif and .jpg extensions are recommended to obtain light presentation(s). Save the pictures used in your presentation on your USB-stick (In case of problems we can re-insert the original).

Video: There are no size restrictions of the videos (MB) but keep in mind that the video of bigger size risks not to show up smoothly. It is requested to bring your videos on a USB-stick and to inform the session reviewers and the technicians of the room the day before the presentation. We cannot guarantee the success of the material being displayed from YouTube of Vimeo.

MPG (MPEG), MP4, MOV, WMV or AVI are the only acceptable video formats

Hyperlinks: If you use hyperlinks to websites in your presentation(s), please check if they are working correctly and save the link as well on your USB-stick.

Yes. Any last changes to the presentions should be communicated to the session reviewer. If the session leader accepts the modifications, speakers are kindly requested to bring their final presenation on USB and send it to Kasia Koc, EENA Events Manager at

No. Use of your personal laptops for presenting is NOT ALLOWED.

  • In general: the smaller your PowerPoint presentation (in size) the easier it is to handle. Thus try to keep the size of your .PPT(X) small.
  • Any video/image file must be in the same folder as the PowerPoint presentation and must be copied in the folder before being included in the presentation.
  • Example: create the folder “PRESENTATION” and copy the necessary files for the presentation in it; then create the PowerPoint presentation including the films that were in the “presentation” folder. Finally, save everything in the “presentation” folder and bring it on USB at the conference.

Track 1 room (also called Plenary and AUDITORIUM) AV details:

  • Main screen – 20000 lumens projector
  • 2 screens for speakers presentation + Countdown clock (not used for plenaries and keynotes)
  • Clicker
  • Lectern with the microphone 

Track 2 room (also called CALLELONGUE) AV details:

  • 7000 lumens projector
  • 2 screens for speakers presentation + Countdown clock (not used for plenaries and keynotes)
  • Clicker
  • Lectern with the microphone 

Track 3 room (also called SORMIOU) AV details:

  • 5000 lumens projector
  • 2 screens for speakers presentation + Countdown clock (not used for plenaries and keynotes)
  • Clicker
  • Lectern with the microphone 

Following conference sessions in Track 1, Track 2 & Track 3 will have a countdown clock available on the stage, visible only to the speakers and chairs. This digital clock will control the timings of presentations and will present the TOTAL OF time allocated per presentation per session (PRESENTATION+Q&A) following the guidelines distributed to the speakers & chairs.

The countdown clock will not be used for PLENARY AND KEYNOTE SESSIONS!

Yes, each room has a slide changer and small TV in front of the speakers.

If you have any doubts towards the display of your presentation in the conference room or your slides’ format or embedded videos, please notify your session leader while submitting your presentation. EENA Events team will then send your presentation to the technicians in Parc Chanot for a real technical check. Do not hesitate to ask for it as it might help avoid bad surprises just before your presentation.

You can also check it while at the conference in all Track rooms on the following dates/hours:

  • Wednesday, 27 April from 13h00 – 14h00
  • Thursday, 28 April from 08h00 – 08h30 and from 13h30 – 14h00
  • Friday, 29 April from 08h00 – 08h30

Planning your meetings on-site and preparing your networking opportunities…

List of participants (including the following information: first and last name, job title, organisation, country of the delegates and LinkedIn account, if provided) will be distributed one week before the event only to those registered participants who accepted to be visible in such a list. Please note that NO personal data will be shared (as already communicated in the registration form).


All participants are invited to share their LinkedIn accounts, which will be provided in the list of participants. It aims at increasing your networking possibilities thanks to a platform used by most professionals worldwide.

You can always opt-out and request to be removed from the list of participants that will be shared publicly with other delegates. If you wish to do so, please contact Kasia Koc, EENA Events Manager at


Yes. The official EENA video and photography crew will be installed in all the session rooms and while sessions are in progress the footage will be taken. Photos or video footage will be used for the conference-related communications and the promotion of future events.

Yes. All the session presentations will be made publicly available after the event.

If you want to OPT-OUT (i.e. you do not wish for your presentation/video/pictures to be published), please contact Kasia Koc, EENA Events Manager at in writing before the start of the conference.

Other questions…

All emergency services representatives are kindly requested to wear their official uniform (not mandatory but appreciated), whilst the other participants can wear business casual.

All the conference sessions, 112 Awards Ceremony and social event are held in English. Speakers are kindly asked to prepare their presentation only in English.

EENA will provide daily coffee breaks throughout three days of the conference and the networking cocktail organized on Wednesday 27th of April at 16h00. Lunches are no longer offered, however, the participants will be able to choose amongst a variety of food options (sandwiches, salads etc) available for them for purchase (with pre-paid tickets or bank payment).

Privacy policy

Read EENA’s privacy policy HERE. For any questions regarding Data Protection, please contact our Data Protection Officer at

By registering to the event, we have asked for your consent if you would like to be added to the list of the conference participants. This list will be shared only with the conference participants that accepted to be visible in such a list one week before the event (details displayed in the list include the participants’ name, job title, organisation, country & LINKEDIN ACCOUNT ONLY).

Your email address, phone number or any other contact details will NOT be shared.

If you want to OPT-OUT (i.e. you do not wish anymore to be included in the participant’s list), please contact Kasia Koc, EENA Events Manager at in writing before the start of the conference.