Last updated: 16/07/2021


Covid-19 related questions

The restrictions and rules vary from country to another and might change regularly. Therefore it is important to keep track on those changes by checking ONLY reliable sources. EENA gathered them all here.

Information notice published on 08/07/2021
Right now in Latvia, events such as the EENA annual event are only open to those participants who can prove that they are fully vaccinated against Covid-19 or have recovered from it during the six months before the event. In October, if there is no change to the rules set by Latvian authorities, the EENA annual event will be allowed to accept only such participants at the entrance of the venue.

Please take this information into account when registering. We will be updating this information regularly.

Further information:
·        “Epidemiological safety measures to limit the spread of Covid-19 infection” set by Latvian authorities
·        Current requirements to prove vaccination or recovery from Covid-19


Cancellation 24 hours or more prior to arrival = NO PENALTY

Cancellation less than 24 hours prior to arrival = 100% OF FULL STAY CHARGED


Please pay attention to the type of the ticket you are purchasing individually or with EENA’s Travel Agency Partner. The most economic and cheapest faires are unfortunatelly not easy to reimbourse or change. Flexible tickets however, might be very useful in such fastly changing times and will allow you certain modifications and last minute cancellations. Please refer this question to your travel agency agent or reservations platform.

The list of countries is provided on the official website of the Latvian Ministry.

Latvia allowed the citizens from the third-countries to enter its territory restriction-free since June 16, even for non-essential purposes, provided that they obtain a digital COVID-19 certificate confirming that they have been vaccinated or recovered from the disease.

Vaccinated persons and persons recovered from Covid-19 do not have to get tested for Covid-19 prior to travel unless they are travelling from a particularly high-risk country with a very high incidence or spread of a new strain of Covid-19.


Yes. All  of the participants must register via the online registration form to attend the conference. While registering, it is important to include the mobile phone number just in case the organisers might need to contact the participants urgently during the conference days.

Registration is FREE OF CHARGE ONLY IF interested person is working for:

  • a company that renewed EENA membership for 2021;
  • the emergency services and 112 centres (firefighter, policemen, medical help professional, 112 call operator etc);
  • the public authorities such as ministries, city councils;or if this person is:
  • a researcher or an academic working on topics related to the emergency services;
  • a sponsor, speaker, exhibitor and/or special guests;
  • a contracted staff for a sponsor or exhibitor;
  • a journalist or official media partner for the event;
  • part of an association or NGO working on the topics related to the emergency services.

The organisers cover*:

  • entrance to the Conference sessions and the exhibition for the three days;
  • coffee breaks, lunches and cocktail/networking reception (subject to change) during all the days of the conference.

* the organisers do not cover the entrance fees to the social event organised on Thursday, 7th of October 2021 (subject to change depending on safety measures and restrictions implied by the local authorites).

Confirmation emails are being sent twice a week, usually on Tuesdays and Fridays. It takes minimum three working days for the registration confirmation emails to be sent out, but sometimes due to the heavy workload this deadline can be extended. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Yes, you have to pay an ADMISSION FEE and your wish to participate should be sent to Kasia Koc at

Yes, you have to pay an ADMISSION FEE and your wish to participate should be sent to Kasia Koc at

For more information about EENA 2021 Membership advantages and costs, please contact Jerome Paris at

The paid admission fee covers*:

  • entrance to the Conference sessions and exhibition for three days;
  • coffee breaks, lunches and cocktail/networking reception** during three days of the conference.

*the paid admission fee does not cover the entrance fees to the social event organised on Thursday, 7th of October**
** subject to change depending on the safety measures and restrictions in force implied by the local authorities. 

The requests for registrations are checked on a regular basis and cancellation emails are being send ONLY to those participants whose companies are not EENA members.

In order to register to the event, please fill in the online form HERE by following carefully the instructions provided.

In contrary to the last year, in October 2021 EENA will organise only one workshop reserved to the officials of public authorities ONLY. Please find more details of this pre-conference workshop and the registration link HERE.

Registrations online will be closed on 30 September 2021. If for some reason you would like to register to the event after this date please contact Kasia Koc at

If you want to OPT-OUT from the general list of participants and not be visible on the conference list of participants* please inform Kasia Koc at

*This list will be shared with all the conference participants before the event (only participants’ name, job title, organisation and country will be displayed). We will never share externally participants’ email address, phone numbers or any other contact details.

Accommodation and Travel Arrangements

The conference will be held at the Radisson Blu Latvija Conference & Spa Hotel

(Elizabetes iela 55, Centra rajons, Rīga, LV-1010, Latvia)

Please book your stay in the contracted Radisson hotels with very affordable prices negotiated by EENA.

The links for the online reservations available HERE.

All the requests for the group bookings have to be sent for verification to Kasia Koc at with the following information:
Name and last name of the guest, single or double occupancy – check -in and check-out dates.

EENA will forward your accomodation request and hotel reservations manager will contact you afterwards to provide you with the according confirmations.

EENA partnered with BTS Travel Agency  to offer the best service and solutions for the conference participants travelling to Riga. Please request your flight options HERE.

The cancellation policies are depending on the ticket type booked. If you have booked the cheapest flight possible, it is very likely that there will not be any possibility to change the flight details or to get reimboursed for it in case of personal cancellation. However, if you have booked fully flexible ticket, which you can modify with fees, there is a higher chance for receiving reimboursement in case of potential cancellation. Please note that the flexbile tickets are more expensive though.

  • Please note: you must check-in online before your departure –  otherwise a fee of 35EUR will be applied at the airport;
  • The total weight of your cabin luggage (one personal item + small bag) cannot exceed 8kg for both ways, otherwise an additional fee of 60EUR will be applied at the gate desk; registered luggage is 20kg.
Breakfast buffet and VAT 12% is included in presented prices already.


Standard class Twin / Double single use 99.00 EUR/per night
Standard class Twin / Double double use 109.00 EUR/per night
Superior class Twin / Double single use 129.00 EUR/per night
Superior class Twin / Double double use 139.00 EUR/per night
Premium class Double single use 159.00 EUR/per night
Premium class Double double use 169.00 EUR/per night


Standard class Twin / Double single use 105.00 EUR/per night
Standard class Twin / Double double use 115.00 EUR/per night
Superior class Twin / Double single use 135.00 EUR/per night
Superior class Twin / Double double use 145.00 EUR/per night
Premium class Double single use 175.00 EUR/per night
Premium class Double double use 185.00 EUR/per night

Check-in – starting at 15h00

Check-out – until 12h00



While checking-in at the hotel reception:

  • Pick-up your room key and pass by at the reception later to finalise the room guarantee and to provide your credit card details.

While checking-out:

  • drop-off your room key at the ‘check-out box’ provided at the reception;
  • try to check-out early morning (and leave your luggage at the hotel storage room) rather than in the rush hours.

This depends on the safety measures and restrictions in place.

Information to be provided closer to the event.

By taxi:

A taxi ride to the hotel takes approximately 20 minutes. Taxi services available from the airport are serviced by Baltic Taxi and Red Cab. Taxi tariffs are posted on the passenger side door of each taxi cab.

By Bolt:

Please download the application ‘Bolt’ which is the alternative of ‘Uber’.

Important deadlines

The online registration deadline is Thursday 30 September 2021.

Email with most important practical & logistics information will be send to all the conference participants on Wednesday 22 September 2021.

e-Tickets with the registration QR codes will be distributed on Wednesday 29 September 2021.

Planning your meetings on-site and preparing your networking opportunities…

List of participants (first and last name, job title, organisation and country of the delegates that gave their consent) will be provided before the event to all the participants. Please note that NO personal data will be shared (as already communicated in the registration form).

You can always opt-out and request to be removed from the list of participants that will be shared publicly with other delegates. If you wish to do so, please contact Kasia Koc, EENA Events Manager at


The full overview of the programme can be downloaded HERE.

Research Corner opens a possibility to selected researchers to present their latest work in the area of public safety.

When: Wednesday, 06 October from 16:35 until 17:35

Where: Track 3 Room

Session is organised in coordination with Information Systems for Crisis Response and Management (ISCRAM)

Industry sessions are taking place on Thursday, 7 October in Track 3 room from 09:00 untill 15:00 and will provide insights and focus on the solutions available already on the market.

Critical Communications* This session will look at the global roadmap for broadband critical communications and to the development, the implications and challenges for control room integration.

When: Thursday, 07 October from 15:05 until 17:35

Where: Track 3 Room

*The session is organised in two parts – in partnership with The Critical Communications Association (TCCA). TCCA is the global representative association for critical communications worldwide. 

Registration on-site

For those delegates who will stay in Radisson Blu and Radisson Elizabete, the badges will be delivered to their hotel room. If for some reason, participants who booked their stay in both sister hotels do not receive their badges in their hotel room or lose it, there is always a possibility to request a new badge at the registration desk.

At the registration area located in the main lobby of the conference hotel (ground floor) during the registration hours.*

Please have a printed version of received e-Ticket with you. 

The registration opening hours:

Tuesday, 5 October             14:00 – 19:00

Wednesday, 6 October       08:00 – 17:00

Thursday, 7 October           08:00 – 17:00

Friday, 8 October                08:00 – 12:00


Tuesday 05.10.2021: 14:00 – 19:00

Wednesday 06.10.2021: 08:00 – 17:00

Thursday 07.10.2021: 08:00 – 17:00

Friday 08.10.2021: 08:00 – 12:00

In order to avoid long queues on Wednesday morning, please come and pick-up your badge on Tuesday, October 5 from 14h00 – 19h00. Please bring your e-Ticket with you.

Those who will stay in the selected Radisson hotels, will have their badges delivered to their hotel room, thus they don’t need to pass again by the registration area (only to pick up the delegate bags).

In order to receive your badge on-site, please bring your printed version of your e-Ticket that you will receive by email on Wednesday, September 29.

Speakers, Exhibitors and Press can pick up their badges in the specially separated registration desk prepared just for them. They will also be able to attach special ribbon to their badge classifying them as SPEAKERS and EXHIBITORS.



Wednesday 06.10.2021: 08:00 – 20:00

Thursday 07.10.2021: 08:00 – 18:00

Friday 08.10.2021: 08:00 – 14:00

Access for exhibitors is 1hr before and 1hr after the official exhibition hours.

You local Exhibitor’s coordinator in Riga

Goal Events

Mobile phone number: +371 26765327


EENA Events Manager

Taviana Caminiti

Landline: +32 2534 9789 / Mobile phone number: +32 495 94 29 45

The exhibition will take place on the 1st floor (Conference centre floor) of Radisson Blu Hotel.

All registered exhibitors will be able to collect their badges on:

  • Tuesday, October 5 from 08:00 at the info desk (1st floor of the hotel);
  • during the hours of the on-site registration at the registration desk specifically devoted to exhibitors.

The list of the exhibitors and their contact details is available on the conference website and will be presented in the conference booklet.

The exhibition plan is available on the conference website and during the event also presented in the conference booklet.


Yes. The official EENA video and photography crew will be installed in all the session rooms and while sessions are in progress the footage will be taken. Photos or video footage will be used for the conference-related communications and the promotion of future events.

Yes. All the session presentations will be made publicly available after the event.

You may check our photo gallery after the event and tell us if you disagree to appear on any photo/video. In this case, please inform Kasia Koc at

All the conference pictures, videos and presentations will be available on the conference website by Thursday, 21 October 2021.

Other questions

INFO DESK is located on the conference centre floor of the hotel (1st floor) and is operational during the exhibition opening hours:

Wednesday 06.10.2021: 08:00 – 20:00

Thursday 07.10.2021: 08:00 – 18:00

Friday 08.10.2021: 08:00 – 14:00

EENA can issue the invitation letter to speed up the process of VISA aquiring. However, the organisers are not taking any responsabilities nor covering the charges of any VISA arrangements. The delegates are kindly requested to contact the hotel of the conference as well as the Latvian Embassies by their own means.

The list of exhibitors and media partners is available on the conference website.

The delegate bags station will be located on the groundfloor, in the main lobby of the hotel near the registration desks.

SUBJECT TO CHANGE  – to be confirmed closer to the event based on the security measures and rules in place.

The Radisson Blu Hotel Latvija hosts the ESPA Riga, an exclusive five-star spa facility and a full menu of indulgent spa and beauty treatments. ESPA also enjoys leisure facilities, such as an open-air vitality pool enclosed in glass, a solarium, multiple steam rooms and relaxation areas.

Active Leisure Area visit for guests of the Hotel: Special EENA2020 reduced price for the conferene participants: 23 EUR

Opening hours: 7:00 – 22.30 (Daily), Gym: Mon – Fri from 06:00 – 22:00 and Sat – Sun from 07:00 – 22:00

The most updated list of participants will be available to all the conference participants and exhibitors/sponsors before the event on a dropbox which link will be provided closer to the event and which will not to be shared publically.

SUBJECT TO CHANGE  – to be confirmed closer to the event based on the security measures and rules in place.

When: Tuesday, 5 October at 20h00

Where: Skyline bar – Located at the top of the hotel (26th floor)

The Skyline bar offers a breath-taking view of the Old Town while sipping special cocktails and surprise your taste buds with exotic flavours from the bar’s Asian tapas menu.

Opening hours: TBC

For more information:
Riga Toursim Information Centre
• Town Hall Square (Old Town): Rātslaukums 6, Open: Mon – Sun: 10 am – 6 pm
Tel: +371 6703 7900 / Email: / More on

Riga Free Tours
Riga offers two daily free walking tours. A unique occasion for visitors to get the most of their time in the city by visiting its popular
sites and hidden gems.
More information at:

All emergency services representatives are kindly requested to wear their official uniform (not mandatory but appreciated), whilst the other participants can wear business casual.

All the conference sessions and social event are held in English. Speakers are kindly asked to prepare their presentation only in English.

Security related questions


There is no security provided during the day (07:00 – 20:00) and exhibitors should look after their own items at the exhibition and on their stands.


One security guard will be in place for the following night shifts:

Monday 4th October: 20:00 – 07:00
Tuesday 5th October: 20:00 – 07:00
Wednesday 6th October: 20:00 – 07:00
Thursday 7th October: 18:00 – 07:00

The purpose of the security is to look after the exhibition and conference area, however, we highly recommend exhibitors not to leave any valuable items unattended in the exhibition area and on the stands during the whole exhibiton time.

Emergency procedure in case of fire:
1. Call reception 555, or push the fire alarm in the corridor.
2. Do not use elevators!
3. Descend the stairs and direct yourself to the fire-escape on the ground floor
and leave the building.
4. Wait in the park in front of the main entrance for registration.
5. Follow the instructions of the management.

Yes. You can find it here.

Privacy policy

Read EENA’s privacy policy HERE. For any questions regarding Data Protection, please contact our Data Protection Officer at

By registering for the event, you have been asked if you would like to be added to the list of the conference participants. This list will be shared with all the conference participants (only your name, job title, organisation and country will be displayed). Your email address, phone number or any other contact details will NOT be shared. If you would like to OPT-OUT (i.e. you do not wish to be included in the participants’ list anymore), please contact Kasia Koc, EENA Events Manager at in writing before the start of the conference.