It’s time to be techhy #EENA2021

How new technology impacts positively emergency response

One of the featured topics in public safety to be explored at the EENA Conference 2021 (6-8 October, Riga).

30 August 2021

The role that technology plays in our lives is indisputable and it has also brought numerous changes to the public safety panorama – enhancing emergency response and making emergency management systems more effective, interoperable, secure and intelligent.
For example, drones can provide information for search and rescue operations, IoT technology can improve data collection, GIS can be used in hazard mapping, and emergency apps can make citizens safer, more informed more saved and connected before, during and after a crisis.
They are many other examples that show the significant role of technology in improving emergency operations. However, with so many developments, it is difficult to keep up-to-date with all of them.

At #EENA2021, we will look at the latest technological innovations and explore how technology works hand in hand with emergency services to overcome daily challenges and enable faster aid to people in need. Below, you can have a glimpse at some of the #EENA2021 sessions that will make you tech-savvy.

We can’t wait to see you again in person in Riga!