Bridging emergency services and the public

Emergency services professionals dedicate their lives to keeping other people safe, and a great part of their work involves communicating and even cooperating with citizens.

But as people are not always aware of the work they do, the relationship between them can be challenging when responding to emergencies or effectively communicating on public safety issues and more.

Whether it is in the call centre or out on the field, how can emergency services better bridge this gap? At the EENA Conference (1-3 April, Riga), we will explore:

  • How emergency services can better communicate with the public – from more engaging and daring communications, to building public resilience, and how a TV show is raising awareness on the work of 112 operators
  • Mass-gatherings are always a challenging scenario to ensure effective communications and operations – We will learn about coordination and management of security on large-scale events, looking at the UK Royal Wedding and the Women’s World Cup 2019
  • Integrating citizens along the chain can also be of valuable help when tackling emergencies, as we will explore how to best work with volunteers in case studies from the United Kingdom, Belgium and Sweden
  • What about when the opposite happens and emergency services experience violence from citizens? We will hear about the steps being taken in Austria and Estonia to fight verbal abuse, prevent violence and more

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