Facing and preparing for cyberthreats in a digital landscape

In an increasingly connected world, digitalisation opportunities are reaching more and more sectors. And emergency services are no exception, as access and processing of data mostly relies on IT systems.

But these opportunities don’t come without risks – cyber-attacks have become a reality and the targeting of emergency services only highlights the importance of cybersecurity. But how can emergency services assess and prepare for cyber-threats and the digital data landscape?

Cybersecurity remains one of our key priorities, which is why at the EENA Conference (1-3 April, Riga), we will explore:

  • How emergency services are and should be facing the challenges and dangers posed by cyber-attacks, in a session tackling practical approaches
  • Different approaches for a better protection of emergency services, from representatives from Italy, Netherlands & Finland – preparedness is key, but when facing challenges beyond cyber-threats (like outages), ensuring continuity of services is a priority for authorities
  • What is (and will be) the impact of privacy laws for emergency services and their work, as digitalisation brings access to more and more varied data

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