From emergency calls to emergency communications

Next Generation 112 seeks to move communications to internet-based protocols, so new types of data can be integrated in emergency communications. This way, emergency services can harness the possibilities of the Internet of Things, smart cities and internet-based communications to help save lives.

Sounds a bit like science fiction? It’s not only a reality in North America, but also the next step in emergency response in Europe as different stakeholders are starting to implement NG112.

Want to know how? At the EENA Conference, we will explore:

  • The challenges faced and solutions found in the implementation of NG112/NG911, with a focus on practical examples and regulatory needs and the future of next generation emergency communications.
  • The final results of the project EENA launched towards the implementation of Next Generation 112, with concrete use cases and examples of the technological architecture behind it.
  • A session with standardisation organisations on how standards can help foster the implementation of NG112 (like the Technical Specifications published recently by ETSI).

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