Let’s make 2020 about driving change in public safety

There is only one thing we find more exciting than the beginning of the year – planning everything we want to achieve in the next months! And at EENA, we are working hard so that the programme of the upcoming EENA Conference (1-3 April, Riga) is one of your highlights of 2020.

You don’t believe us? Here is our list of resolutions for professionals in public safety:

1 – Join the countdown for AML implementation
December 2020 marks the deadline for Advanced Mobile Location implementation in Europe, and we are looking forward to the next developments in emergency location all over the world

2 – Prepare for the future with Next Generation 112
The future is here and new technologies are the solution to enable emergency communications: more efficient, accessible and effective emergency response. Find everything you need to know about the implementation of NG112 and the results of our latest project!

3 – Have a strong strategy for public warning
2019 has been the year of public warning, but what goes on beyond the alert? Understanding the practicalities and different factors at play is the first step for a solid and effective publica warning system.
4 – Work for more accessible emergency services

80 million people living with a disability in Europe are at risk of not being able to contact emergency services that for now almost exclusively rely on voice calls. As new technologies and legislation are paving the way for accessibility, let’s look at success stories paving the way for accessibility for all
5 – Get our cybersecurity on check
As cyberattacks become more frequent, the key to rise up to this challenge lies in preparation and education. Learn how emergency services are preventing and preparing for this challenge from advisor Hadi El Khoury

6 – Understand data protection compliance

Privacy and data protection are in the spotlight for the past years – but what is really their impact for emergency services? Let’s look together into the opportunities and changes brought by legislation

7 – Learn about the challenges in critical communications

What are the development, implications and challenges for broadband critical communications and control room integration? We have partnered with TCCA to bring you all the answers
8 – Be ready to be part of the change  
Everything we do, we do it to make a difference for the better. Our biggest resolution this year is to continue bringing together the people looking for solutions and making them happen!

Join us and around 1000 colleagues from all over the world at the EENA Conference & Exhibition 2020 on 1-3 April in Riga (Latvia).

Looking forward to seeing all of you in Riga!