They take care of us, how can we take better care of them?

When it comes to ensuring our well-being in an emergency, call handlers and emergency dispatchers are the first ones to respond to our call. They do a great work in a job that can be as fulfilling as it is challenging from a human point view.

At EENA Conference, we want to recognise their invaluable efforts and special circumstances with two sessions on Thursday 11 April:

Quality assurance & call-takers’ and dispatchers training: preparation and performance pre-determine the quality and ultimate effectiveness of potentially lifesaving services. Operations professionals share with us how to follow up and reinforce procedures in the emergency response centres.

Call takers’ and dispatchers’ wellness: they develop a stressful job and conditions are not always perfect, join experts from emergency services to learn about initiatives that can help them to feel better every day!

Why is this important for us? 
Our network speaks:
“Our call handlers and dispatchers are the very first point of contact to someone in need, they will experience such a range of emotions and often do not get closure – we have a responsibility to them to ensure that they have access to support networks and wellbeing activities of all levels to support them”
Jules Lockett
Practice Learning Manager, Control Services,
London Ambulance Service NHS Trust, UK


“All of these staff are highly trained, licensed and accredited to operate the call taking and dispatch systems which ensure a patient focused, rapid dispatch to people in need. They are also exposed to challenging situations on a call by call basis and their health and wellbeing is paramount. As part of this, it is imperative that Employee Assistance programmes and support is readily available to them at all times.“
Martin Dunne
Director, National Ambulance Service,
Health Service Executive, Ireland

Looking forward to seeing all of you in beautiful Dubrovnik!