It has been a few days since the landmark event on emergency services opened its registrations! Emergency services and public safety professionals from 55+ countries will gather in Dubrovnik on 10-12 April for three days full of learning, debates and networking.

Are you working in the public safety field and you’re not sure whether you should join or not? Here’s the top 5 reasons why we think you absolutely should (except it’s 9 because we couldn’t make up our mind…)

  • 1. European legislation and what it means for your work

    The new telecommunications rules voted by the EU include emergency services provisions on caller location, establishing public warning systems, transnational calls, accessibility requirements and more. Moreover, the EU has new privacy rules (GDPR) with strict conditions on how data can be processed and used. Emergency services need to get up to speed and understand what they need to prepare for. That’s why EENA 2019 will bring sessions explaining these new texts and what will change in detail, as well as a masterclass on the impact of GDPR on public safety organisations.

  • 2. The latest technologies & innovations in the sector

    Emergency services face many emerging challenges. The good news? There are technologies that can help our emergency responders address these challenges. EENA 2019 will cover everything you should know including how public safety organisations can benefit from cybersecurity, how artificial intelligence can help call takers detect cardiac arrests, what the benefits and remaining challenges are from using drones in search and rescue, and much more…

  • 3. The things that matter most to emergency services staff

    The staff of emergency services is at the heart of what EENA does and represents the strength of the EENA community. As a result, the conference programme will focus on what matters most to emergency services during their day to day operations: how can organisations ensure the wellness of its staff? How can we support call-takers and dispatchers in their decision-making processes? What about training and quality assurance? Does it matter to emergency services? Then rest assured it will be discussed at EENA 2019.

  • 4. Be part of the solution

    If we could summarise the aim of EENA 2019 in one sentence, it’s to drive change. The event is a space for the main challenges of emergency services to be tackled and the most promising opportunities to be debated. Attendees will have the chance to join hundreds of colleagues and share views on what the issues, as well as the possible solutions are. Is your organisation facing operational challenges? Are multilingual or false calls a burden? How about the uptake of new tech? Don’t stay on the side-line, be part of the group of people debating the best way forward.

  • 5. Connect and network with peers, providers and customers

    With 750+ participants from 55+ countries, the EENA Conference is the perfect opportunity to make meaningful connections with public safety professionals from around the world. Share experiences with emergency services colleagues who face similar challenges with you, meet up with leading industry providers, and speak with thought leaders in the sector – all in an informal and friendly atmosphere. It’s all about the people, that’s why EENA connections can last a lifetime. And everyone at EENA would be very happy if you became a part of it!

  • 6. Be where it all happens

    The EENA Conference has become the place where new initiatives are born every year. During the last years, an artificial intelligence project was launched that would see call-takers benefit from AI to detect cardiac arrests over the phone; European emergency services joined forces to evaluate how drones can help search and rescue operations; European public safety organisations teamed up to eradicate borders for their emergency apps, and more. With the help of our community, the event is changing the landscape of public safety. Why else would it make the news in Bloomberg, Wired UK, The Next Web, Forbes, …? EENA 2019 will continue the tradition, so make sure to be there for it all!

  • 7. Celebrate modern-day heroes

    Year after year, the 112 awards ceremony rewards outstanding people and organisations that drive change for people’s safety. And we hope that year after year attendees are left moved and motivated by the heroes next door. Continuing the tradition, the 112 Awards 2019 promises to leave you inspired with fascinating stories of heroic actions and outstanding achievements.

  • 8. Go back home ready to make a change

    If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a thousand times: the EENA Conference aspires to drive change. What will determine whether EENA 2019 is a successful event or not? It is whether you return to your base inspired and motivated to push the safety agenda even more. After three days of learning, debating, connecting and networking, we hope attendees will return home with fresh ideas, even more knowledge and a renewed motivation for their work and mission.

  • 9. Last but not least, have fun!

    The EENA Conference is not all work and no play! Hosted in the beautiful city of Dubrovnik, the event promises to be a fun experience (whether you are a Game of Thrones fan or not). With amazing scenery, a picturesque town, the sea as far as the eye can reach, this is the perfect opportunity to have fun and unwind with like-minded people from around the world.

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